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July Evening at Cathedral RockDeceit_of_DawnDouble Vision
An Exhibit by Jim Peterson

Tequa Plaza, Suite C102, 7000 State Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86351 (map)
Exhibit Open: Dec 20, 2011 thru Feb 11, 2012
Hours:  Tuesday – Friday 1–5PM, Sat  9AM-1PM

Artists’ Reception: Wednesday, January 4, 2012   5-7PM

The Exhibit: “Double Vision - Real and Imaginary Images by Jim Peterson

Comments from the Artist
The works I have assembled for this exhibit come from two divergent (but not totally unrelated) visual realities.

Jim PetersonOne of them is the natural world as we see it.  It’s the objective reality that surrounds us and is directly accessible to any observer - though no two individuals will ever see it quite the same.  The other is imaginary, subjective, and internal.  And it’s all mine!  But it’s not necessarily all private – parts of it can be shared, to the degree that I’m willing and that the available media allow.

The common thread is that all of these images spring from natural scenes and objects.  And they all embody an essence – a spirit that emanates from the subject and resounds within me. 

In some cases, my interpretation is fairly literal; it’s intended 
to convey what I actually saw (which is not necessarily what anyone else might see) and how it affected me when I was present in the scene.   In other cases, it’s anything but literal. Juniper Tree after Wildfire Mojave Desert California The intent is not to represent what can be explicitly seen or measured, but rather to view the world in an apocryphal light that illuminates things the eye can’t directly record.

Ultimately, it makes little difference (to me) whether a work is representational or otherwise.  What matters is that it conveys something vital – not just my personal vision of the subject, but more importantly my reflection of the subject’s own invisible substance.

Prints and Media

The images in this exhibit are all available on aluminum panels, stretched canvas, or traditional inkjet photographic papers.  
They range in size from 13 inches to 45 inches high, and they can be ordered in custom sizes and finishes.  Contact the artist at 928-554-4340 for all the details.  And every purchase helps to support the library!

 Jim Peterson

Jim Peterson grew up in northwestern New Mexico, and has lived on both coasts (in California and Delaware) as well as in Illinois, Texas, Missouri, and many places in the West.  He earned two
Arboreal Rhythm #2degrees (a BA in Music and a PhD in Biochemistry) from the University of Chicago, but after postdoctoral work left the academic world for a long and varied career in telecommunications and computer software.  He worked at Bell Labs in Illinois and then at GTE Communication Systems in Phoenix for over two decades, and held positions that ranged from highly technical assignments to planning and management roles.

Upon retirement from that career, he redirected his energy to his lifelong artistic passion by starting a professional photography business.  In addition, over the years he has given back to the community by serving as a board member for a total of seven different non-profit organizations.  His fine art photography has been featured in several galleries in Phoenix and Sedona, and has been purchased by collectors worldwide.  A wide range of his works can be seen online at .

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